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talkUK: /tɔːk/US: /tɔk/
  1. v.  (talked | talked) tr. and intr. 
    1. intr.   (talk to/with sb) 
      Syn.: speak
    2. tr. 
      (певною мовою)
      Syn.: speak
    3. tr.   (talk sb into) 
      Syn.: persuade
    4. tr.   ([розм.])   (be talking) 
    5. intr. 
    6. intr. 
      Syn.: gossip
    7. intr. 
    8. intr.   (talk on/about) 
      (з промовою про щось)
  2. n.
    1. Syn.: gossip, rumour
    2.  (часто empty talk) 
    3.  (the talk of) 
    4.  (talks) 
    5. Syn.: lecture, speech
    6. Syn.: theme
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Number of phrases: 59
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Number of phrases: 32
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